19 Oct 2012


-If you are from Brazil - Log in and Join a club HERE
-If you're not from Brazil - Follow these steps:
1)Go to a Brazilian proxy like: OR OR OR
2)Paste the stardoll link into the Address/URL bar of the proxysite
3)Click Go or Press Enter on your keyboard
4)Log in Stardoll
5)Now Paste the club link on proxy's Address/URL bar:
You should be automatically joined to the club --in case you aren't:
Log out from stardoll on proxy, then re-login and try link again
If still doesn't work - Log out, Close proxy's internet tab/window, and Try all the steps again*
6)When you are joined to the club - you can leave the club using this link:
7)Close/Leave the proxy and Go to stardoll as usual

Items should be in Natura Faces bags in your suite and Lipstick in your Beauty Parlor 
*I just tried this out on my sister's account and it took me 3 times till I finally got joined to the club. Don't give up on first attempt and be patient!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much it worked!

Anonymous said...

thnx so much